Malá Argenta is a culinary project created by four Argentinian friends, two of them chefs, whose paths met in Prague.


Passionate about food and its elaboration, we seek to offer the best of our gastronomy to this beautiful city. By selecting first quality raw materials and a full devotion for good taste, we aim to create a product of excellence that everyone can enjoy.


We take measures to make sure the splendor the city gives to us every day is not lost. Recyclable products, care for the environment, conscious use of water and the non-use of plastic are some of the things we comply with.


Our cuisine is for meat lovers and for those who prefer the vegetarian gastronomy. For us, nothing is more important than the expression of complete pleasure that only good food can generate.

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Gustavo is one of our two Argentinian Chefs. He is 33 years old and he started his career in restaurants ten years ago in a small venue in his home province, Córdoba, with a single goal in his head: to travel to New Zealand and extend his knowledge on cuisine and gain a different perspective on the world’s varied cultures.


He arrived there on 2013 and immediately started working in a restaurant in the small town of Te Anau, where he would spend the next six years of his life learning and refining his comprehension on various kitchen, from hotels to a bakery and finally on woodfire barbecuing, a form of cooking mastered by the person that inspired him in his beginnings, the Argentinian Chef Francis Mallmann.


It was in this very traditional Argentinian way of cooking that he found his passion, and on 2019 Gustavo came to Prague to work at the prestigious Argentinian Grill House “Gran Fierro”, a top-rated restaurant in the city, where he mastered the technique of josper barbequing at extremely high temperatures.

Mauro is one of our chefs. He is 34 years old and he is from the province of Misiones, northeast of Argentina. His first steps as a chef begun in New Zealand, working with fresh seasonal products, and learning how to treat and care for the ingredients.


After learning the practical side of the kitchen, he went back to Argentina, where he studied and graduated from Chefs school and applied his new knowledge in local cuisine restaurants.


He then moved to Australia looking for new opportunities and new challenges in the kitchen. There, he learned new concepts about food tasting and how it should be presented.

Right now, with more than 10 years of experience, he lives in Prague and is a part of the Malá Argenta family. Mauro is a strong believer in the sustainable side of food, both from environmental and economical sides.