In the middle ages, empanadas were a form of conservation for meat, which lasted longer inside a dough. The concept evolved until it became a culinary delicatessen with endless possibilities.

Argentina adopted this method of preparation centuries ago and perfected it until it became one of the most popular dishes in the country. Nowadays, each region has its own kind of empanada, and every Argentinian has savored this exquisite meal countless times in their daily lives. Our empanadas are made with first quality local products. Our flavors also include vegetarian options.

Carne 1.jpg

Slow Cooked Beef

Slow cooked beef seasoned

with the most delicious

spices and  onion. Made the Argentinian way.

Pollo 1.jpg

Creamy Chicken & Bacon

Chicken, mushrooms and bacon with bechamel sauce. You’ll wish you had 10 more fingers to lick.

Caprese 1.jpg


Mozzarella with basil and tomatoes concassé. 

Fresh, expressive, delicious.


Ham & Mozzarella

Ham and mozzarella with a touch of spice. 

Just try it.

Trufa 1.jpg


Truffles, champignons, shimeji & porcini mushrooms and mozzarella.

It’s a life changing experience.

Puerro 1.jpg

Leek & Mozzarella

A delightful combination of leek, mozzarella and creamy sauce.

Smaller 1.JPG

Spicy Beef & Smoked Cheese

Beef slowly cooked in a mouthwatering chili smoked cheese sauce. Nothing will ever burn your mouth so deliciously well.

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